Would you like to curate @PeopleOfUK

Would you like to volunteer to curate the @PeopleOfUK account?

While we're not very strict, we have a few basic requirements. Nothing overly complicated. Things like you need to be living in the UK, and be already using a Twitter ID.

While we don't expect you to give up your regular Twitter account, we would appreciate if you use this account at least 10 - 20 times during the day, and around 50-100 times while you use it during the week.

Of course, there are many perks, for example, you get to meet and talk to all the people who already follow this account, over 5000 of them. Personally we have made many friends from this, so hopefully it will be a great experience for you too!

If all this sounds fun, and do-able for you, please click on the form below and enter your information.


The account is being managed by @alexkinch and @smacula, so if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with them via Twitter.

More about us, and some general rules can be found no our 'Welcome' page:


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